EDINA Winter Solstice Celebration

March or walk silently in a line to the ceremonial location from a predetermined staging area; a parking lot if out of doors, or another room if indoors.  Shake the sistrum three times and on the fourth beat - silence.  If you do not have a sistrum, you may clap with your hands.  The sistrum is what the Hathors used in their ceremonies in ancient times.  This puts us into a light trance appropriate for the ceremony.  Spirits understand ceremony and ritual.  They are honored by ceremony and ritual and trance.

When you reach your ceremonial location, the group will stand in a circle formation, and have the four directions marked: east, south, west and north as well as a marker in the center of the circle.  While everyone is still standing, light four candles*, one at a time.  First the group will face east and each one says together, "With gratitude, I call in the east wind, and the spirits of the east." Light the candle and place it on the earth, or a stone or a table, where it will burn throughout the ceremony. Then face south and do the same thing, substituting "south wind and spirits of the south."  The group will one at a time face each of the directions and say the words and light the candle.  Lastly, everyone faces the center of the circle, and invites the spirits of the earth, pointing the hands at the earth, and then everyone points hands heavenward and invites in the spirits of the sky, including the Star People.  Then the leader of the group, or another designated person, will light a candle in the center of the circle.  Then open the EDINA portal.

Everyone sits down and faces the center of the circle. Do a group vowel toning, spontaneously, with the portal open for about five to fifteen minutes.  Vowel toning is very healing for everyone in the group, as well as the surrounding area.  Spirits love it when humans tone!

Beginning with the person sitting nearest the candle of the east, proceed one at a time around the circle stating one thing that has happened in the last year for which they are grateful.

Winter Seed Planting

Now it is time to plant "seeds" you want to have sitting in the earth during winter to sprout in the spring.  Do not tell anyone what it is.  Before coming, each participant will have written down "seed desires" on a piece of paper - rice paper is best.  Each participant produces the small paper, which has been carried over his/her heart to the ceremony, and Leader digs a hole either beneath or slightly north of the "fire" in the center of the circle.  The papers are placed in the hole in the ground so they can energetically begin to germinate later in the year, when the warmth returns.  If the ceremony is being done indoors or where the ground is frozen, it is acceptable to place the papers in an earthen pot filled with soil in the center of the circle.  Earth is placed on top of the papers and pressed down by the Leader. (The power of the group work, and of the spirits in attendance, increases the likelihood of the seed desires of each person coming to fruition.)   Everyone stands.  If the ceremony is being done out-of-doors, each participant walks to the center of the circle and presses the earth with his or her left foot.  If being done indoors, each participant nods in the direction of the pot of earth, hands open, palms forward position--sending energy to the "seeds." 

With everyone standing, now close the EDINA portal in unison.  Release the spirits of the four directions one at a time starting with the east again, saying, "In gratitude, I release the east wind and spirits of the east," and extinguish the east candle.  Do this for each direction.  The group together releases and thanks the spirits of the earth and of the sky as well.

When spirits of all directions have been released, the Leader will take the silent group single file away from the circle to a staging area some distance away.  Predesignated "tenders" will then go back and extinguish the central fire, pickup the tools, and take them away to be used later.  If there is a pot of earth, it will be carefully placed on the east side of the garden of the Leader to be buried/joined with the Earth in a sacred location as soon as feasible, and reverently.

* If it is windy, place the candles inside lanterns to prevent their blowing out during ceremony.

What is a sistrum?  To learn about them and to see one, go here: http://www.touregypt.net/featurestories/sistrum.htm  Regardless of what articles may say about who the Hathors are, however, they are 5th dimesional ascended Masters of Sound who live on Venus. They came to the Ancient Egyptians in the healing temples, especially for birthing and death passages - they help humans make the transitions into and out of their bodies.  The Hathors come into the healing session in Advanced EDINA sessions to help with the sound portion of the healing work when they are invoked.

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