Advanced EDINA Classes

When these advanced classes are taught in person, you may attend for only $100.00 if you have already taken the class remotely. 

To sign up for any EDINA classes, please go to the PAYMENTS page.


Advanced EDINA classes at a Distance:

The process is simple, and the same as for Basic EDINA. You will be emailed the written portion, the audio files, and a link to a YouTube video of Lois demonstrating the advanced techniques. When you have finished studying this material, both reading and listening at least once (most people listen several times), notify Lois J Wetzel by email. A thirty minute phone or SKYPE question and answer session with Lois is advised after you have completed your studies of each of the advanced modules.


Advanced EDINA Module One

All students are reporting that these advanced classes far exceed their expectations! In Module One you will learn advanced methods of working with the EDINA energies, including an understanding of the development of the energetic anatomy of the human body, beginning with the zygote. You will learn the use of many more light colors, and where to place them in the body – which colors go into which muscles and specific body parts, how to clear pathogenic energies from the central nervous system, how to purge pathogenic energies from the tissues, how to work with The Hathors, fifth density Masters of Sound, in the healing setting, information about sounds used to break up certain dense pathogenic energies in the body, the specific uses of light and sound frequencies and how they relate to sacred geometry.  There will also be some different meditation exercises for building your energy field/potential, and for stabilizing you emotionally as we go through the frequency shifts occurring on the planet at this time. The class includes a PDF of the manual, audio files, and a YouTube of Lois demonstrating the techniques.

This is a class which if taken in person takes two days.

Advanced EDINA Module One = $444.00


Advanced EDINA Module Two  

In this class you will learn even more techniques for drawing down the light, specific colors for areas not covered in Basic or Module One, plus how to use EDINA to change the RNA/DNA of the body to heal genetic disorders, drawing various colors int the chakras, further uses for the I-Ching symbols, clearing emotional mis-connections in the brain, how to draw down light into the acupuncture meridians, releasing emotional toxins, how to draw down light to heal the hara line, or clearing/healing the pranic tube if either become damaged/blocked in any way, incorporating adamantine particles, removal of implants from past lives, Peruvian Lightbody technique, removal of miasms (such as familial tendencies to obesity, poverty, depression, being deceived or sabotaged, etc.) Also included are certain shamanic techniques, like the use of rattles and feathers in healing. A YouTube of the techniques being demonstrated, a PDF of the manual and audio files of Lois teaching the class are included.

Note: taken in person this class lasts two days.

Basic EDINA and EDINA Module One are prerequisites.

Advanced EDINA Module Two = $445.00


Introduction to Past Life Readings 

Lois Wetzel, Founder of EDINA Energy Medicine, has started teaching others how to do Past Life Readings using her method.   Go HERE to see when the next class is offered. This is taught in-person only.


Basic EDINA is a prerequisite for this class and can be studied at a distance by going to HERE to sign up. The student is also asked to read either or both of Lois’ books on the past life readings she does, Akashic Records: Case Studies, or Reincarnation: Past Lives and the Akashic Records. They are on Amazon/Kindle/Audible. HERE

The only other prerequisite, if you can call it that, is that Lois highly recommends you are able to visualize in order to be successful at doing this work. The best way to get better at visualization is to do guided visual meditations daily.  There are some on YouTube. If you want to get one Lois recorded, go HERE

Past Life Readings Class = $600.00


Energy Clearing & Sacred Space Creation

This Energy & Space Clearing and Creating Sacred Space class explains in detail how to clear people and places of dark energetic signatures (also known as implants, entities and attachments). It can be studied at a distance. The student will also learn how to clear and send to their proper location disembodied persons, as well as clear away tentacles, cords, spells and curses. It also teaches the student how to create sacred space.

Also taught is a self-help technique for clearing negativity which has become attached to your own person should you ever need to do that.

Creating sacred space for one’s self or others is an exciting and fun thing to do, and very energizing. It is one of my favorite things to do for clients.

This online class includes a one-hour SKYPE or phone consultation with Lois after all the material has been studied, which will give you the chance to ask questions and practice doing remote energy clearing on the phone if you wish. For serious healers this is a powerful addition to the healing practice, but only for those who are sure that they feel drawn to doing this kind of work. It is not for everyone.

If interested in taking the class, please contact Lois using this address: Lois will want to interview you to determine if this class as she teaches it is a good fit for you. If it is, you will be given payment instructions. This class costs $460.00.



Certified EDINA Practitioner

Once the Module One class has been taken, the student may be listed as a Certified EDINA Practitioner after completing the following two steps.

  1. Take a written exam over the material covered in the class.
  2. Complete at least thirty sessions with up to half on oneself, the other half (or more than half if you like) on other persons. Keep a diary of the person’s name, date worked on, symptoms and results.  (Of course, EDINA may be done on pets, but for the purposes of experience and verbal feedback do not count toward Certification.)


Once you are a Certified EDINA Practitioner you may apply to become a Certified EDINA Instructor. Email Lois Wetzel for details.