Advanced EDINA Module One – Nov. 3-4, 2018


The weekend of November 3-4, 2018, Lois will be teaching an Advanced EDINA Module One class in person. The class will be held in Austin, Texas. Details of the venue will be sent to those who sign up. We recommend you arrive Friday afternoon or evening so that you can arrive on time for the class which starts at 9 am Saturday and ends at 5 pm. Sunday the class starts at 9 am and is finished at 2 pm so that those who are flying can make their flights without missing part of the class.

Yes, this is short notice, and normally there would be more lead time, but this is what it is.  Prerequisite is Basic EDINA, which can be taken online.

If you have already taken Module One at a distance, you may repeat the class with us for $100.00. just fill in the amount there.

The description of the class is on the “Classes” page.

We will be going over the manual and doing sessions on each other. If you live anywhere near Austin, please, please bring a massage table.  Contact us if you can do this, please?

Here is where to go to make payment for the class:

Luminous Blessings,

Lois J. Wetzel, Founder
EDINA Energy Medicine

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