Sacred Geometry Images

Google + has stopped allowing us to share photos or images there. This is why the link in the book no longer works. Until further notice,  please email edinaenergymedicine @ with EDINA SACRED GEOMETRY IMAGES in the subject line. We will send them to you via email. (We will not, however, be answering questions.)

It is highly recommended you view these images on a notebook or computer as it will be very hard, if not impossible, to see the necessary details on a cell phone. We urge you to print out each individual image, especially the sacred geometry images. The Julia Set, as indicated in the book, is the one that is a photograph of a crop formation. The other sacred geometry forms are on graph paper. These are hand drawn by Lois with compass and ruler, which is very important. Hand drawn sacred geometry forms are much more powerful than anything generated by computer, no matter how much more neat and tidy they may seem to the left-brained. The forms on graph paper are also easier for the brain to absorb and interpret on a deep level than anything drawn upon a plain background.

Which chakra each sacred geometrical form goes into is also explained in the book, “EDINA: Energy Medicine from the Stars!”

If you are a Basic EDINA Initiate and have further questions about this, please join the Facebook group, EDINA Energy Medicine. Other EDINA Initates will answer your questions there.

(Here is a link to a new TONE GENERATOR, which we had borrowed from a site which offered it for free. That site no longer works. CLICK HERE )

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