EDINA Energy Medicine

EDINA Energy Medicine is aligned with Lightbeings from the star Sirius-B. These beings have gone through the process of ascension many times before and want to assist humanity with this experience. This form of energy medicine works directly upon the Lightbody. It can help humanity get through the ascension process with greater grace, ease and comfort. This work, of course, includes healing the individual’s physical, emotional and mental bodies as well. Peace, joy, harmony, balance, synchronicity, abundance, and a state of grace are side-effects of working with EDINA, as well as enhanced spiritual growth.  The decision to practice this form of energy medicine is quite clearly a spiritual calling.

About E.D.I.N.A. Energy Medicine

EDINA balances our energies so we resonate with our true inner core. This method utilizes ancient shamanic techniques in tandem with sacred geometry, sound and light frequencies for healing the Lightbody, and techniques from medical chi gong, all of which in turn affect healing on all levels of our physical body, mind and spirit. Many forms of healing from ancient civilizations have been “lost” to humanity as a whole and preserved in various cultures to this day. Many of these are incorporated into EDINA, and many other techniques have been given directly to the Founder by The Ankenash, the Lightbeings from Sirius-B, for some had been lost from the planet entirely. Some of these techniques are new to the planet and are being shared by The Ankenash for the first time.

EDINA is an acronym for Energy Dynamics for the Integration of Natural Attributes. Since in is an acronym, it is written in all capital letters: EDINA.


EDINA: Energy Medicine from the Stars!

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How Do I Get Started with EDINA?

EDINA can be used on self or others, including pets, and requires an initiation in order to connect to the energies. As explained in the book, one can trade a Basic EDINA initiation with a friend (instructions are in the EDINA book), or have one of the Certified EDINA Instructors do the initiation. This can be done via an online class with remote initiations if there is not an Instructor nearby.  There are also advanced classes available for self-study.

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What/Where Is an EDINA Healing Temple?  

What is the EDINA Healing Temple? It exists when and wherever the EDINA portal has been opened by an EDINA practitioner.  Four energetics are called in to open the EDINA portal, and when all four are present, they form a pyramidal shape, each of them on a different corner. When the last one is called in, the energy in the interior of the pyramid begins to swirl, creating a specific type of toroidal energy, and the EDINA healing energy comes in through that spin. At that time, The Ankenash can come fully in to work with the healer as (s)he performs the healing session.

The energies worked with during an EDINA session originate within Creator Source. EDINA energy medicine is the form of healing that is present when the EDINA portal is open.

What Can EDINA Heal?

Client experiences include relief from narcolepsy, broken bones healing that had refused to mend previously, the healing of emotional disorders, of insomnia, panic disorders, allergies, back pain, headaches, anxiety or depression, scoliosis, arthritis, snoring, digestive problems, post-traumatic stress disorder due to various forms of severe trauma, terminal blood diseases and joint pain–just to name a tiny number of things. It has been shown to ease the dying process in the elderly.  It can actually heal anything.