Advanced EDINA Classes

To sign up for any EDINA classes, please go to the PAYMENTS page.

Please note that if you wish to take an Advanced EDINA Class, you must have taken Basic EDINA from a Certified EDINA Instructor. The advanced classes are professional level classes, and we require that the student is properly prepared for them. See the Certified EDINA Instructors page to locate an instructor.

Advanced EDINA classes at a Distance:

The process is simple, and the same as for Basic EDINA. You will be emailed the written portion, the audio files, and a link to a YouTube video of Lois demonstrating the advanced techniques. When you have finished studying this material, both reading and listening at least once (most people listen several times), notify Lois J Wetzel by email. A thirty minute (a bit longer if you need it) phone or SKYPE question and answer session with Lois is advised after you have completed your studies of each of the advanced modules. It is included in the price of the class.

Advanced EDINA Module One

All students are reporting that these advanced classes far exceed their expectations! In Module One you will learn advanced methods of working with the EDINA energies, including an understanding of the development of the energetic anatomy of the human body, beginning with the zygote. You will learn the use of many more light colors, and where to place them in the body – which colors go into which muscles and specific body parts, how to clear pathogenic energies from the central nervous system, how to purge pathogenic energies from the tissues, how to work with The Hathors, fifth density Masters of Sound, in the healing setting, information about sounds used to break up certain dense pathogenic energies in the body, the specific uses of light and sound frequencies and how they relate to sacred geometry.  There will also be some different meditation exercises for building your energy field/potential, and for stabilizing you emotionally as we go through the frequency shifts occurring on the planet at this time. The class includes a PDF of the manual, audio files, and a YouTube of Lois demonstrating the techniques.

This is a class which if taken in person takes two days.

Advanced EDINA Module One = $444.00

Advanced EDINA Module Two  

In this class you will learn even more techniques for drawing down the light, specific colors for areas not covered in Basic or Module One, plus how to use EDINA to change the RNA/DNA of the body to heal genetic disorders, drawing various colors int the chakras, further uses for the I-Ching symbols, clearing emotional mis-connections in the brain, how to draw down light into the acupuncture meridians, releasing emotional toxins, how to draw down light to heal the hara line, or clearing/healing the pranic tube if either become damaged/blocked in any way, incorporating adamantine particles, removal of implants from past lives, Peruvian Lightbody technique, removal of miasms (such as familial tendencies to obesity, poverty, depression, being deceived or sabotaged, etc.) Also included are certain shamanic techniques, like the use of rattles and feathers in healing. A YouTube of the techniques being demonstrated, a PDF of the manual and audio files of Lois teaching the class are included.

Note: taken in person this class lasts two days.

Basic EDINA and EDINA Module One are prerequisites.

Advanced EDINA Module Two = $445.00

Introduction to Past Life Readings 

Lois Wetzel, Founder of EDINA Energy Medicine, has started teaching others how to do Past Life Readings using her method.  This class is now offered for self-study online at your own pace.  The only prerequisite for the class is Basic EDINA as taught by a Certified EDINA Practitioner. To learn more about this class and sign up for it,  go HERE.

Energy Clearing & Sacred Space Creation

In this class you will learn how to safely remove inappropriately attached energetics of all kinds from people and places, as well as sacred space clearing, and how safely to cut and remove cords and implants from people. Often cords are sent to someone to do harm, or need to be cut because the relationship is over and the person cannot seem to move on. Or at times it may be that some type of harmful or negative intentions have been sent, and they cord into the person until they are removed.

When we remove disembodied spirits or other entities or energies, we compassionately send them on to their appropriate location or “dimension,” at the direction and discretion of the Archangel Michael whom we invoke as a member of the team of spirits who work with us. The class includes a PDF manual, an audio version of the class, and a one hour SKYPE or phone consultation with me to ask questions after you study the materials. Please contact me via email to discuss taking this class before making payment.

It is highly recommended that if you take this class at some point you also take the remote healing / long-distance healing class so that you can do remote clearings.

Price of this class is $300.00.

To sign up for the class go here and fill in the amount of $300.00 and make a notation that you are paying for  the Energy Clearing Class

Distant Healing Workshop
This class is taught in person only.

This is a class in which you learn how to create for yourself a healing/treatment room on the inner planes. It is a safe place to call in your clients and work on them. If you already do remote viewing and travel to the clients to heal, the advantage of the workshop is that it is more protected. You can call clients in to initiate them remotely into Reiki or EDINA for example, or do healing sessions of all kinds – not just EDINA. This work is permission-based, and the client must know in advance that they will be worked upon and give their conscious permission for this to occur. I personally believe these remote sessions are quite often more powerful than in-person sessions.

Basic EDINA is a prerequisite to this class. Also, in order to successfully do this, one must be able to visualize – see images and scenes in the mind’s eye. To check your abilities out, try doing one of these visualization meditations. HERE

Cost of this class is $486.00

Certified EDINA Practitioner

Once the Advanced EDINA Module One class has been taken, the student may be listed as a Certified EDINA Practitioner after completing the following two steps.

  1. Take a written exam over the material covered in the class Advanced EDINA Module One.
  2. Complete at least thirty sessions with up to half on oneself, the other half (or more than half if you like) on other persons. Keep a diary of the person’s name, date worked on, symptoms and results.  (Of course, EDINA may be done on pets, but for the purposes of experience and verbal feedback do not count toward Certification.)


Once you are a Certified EDINA Practitioner you may apply to become a Certified EDINA Instructor. Email Lois Wetzel for details.