Chakra Balancing – Free Class

Basic Chakra Healing Exercise

This is a tutorial for beginners. First we will discuss how to work on self, and then how to work on others.

Chakras are wheels of energy on the body. The ones most people know about are the seven basic chakras.  If you want to work on your energy body alone, in addition to opening the EDINA portal, which is taught in the book, “EDINA: Energy Medicine from the Stars!” you can do the exercise described below. If you want to do the exercise/healing below without knowing how to open the portal, you can do that as well.  The advantage to learning how to open the EDINA portal is that then you also have The Ankenash in the room with you working on you in the expanded realms–densities 4 through 12.


To work on your chakras all by yourself with stones, just lie down on a blanket on the floor, or on a massage table, but not in your bed, and place a red or black stone about 3 inches above the knees  and in between your legs on the blanket. The orange one goes on your midline of your body about 2 inches below the navel, yellow on midline in middle of the upper abdomen,  Green or pink goes on the sternum about 4-5 inches from the dip in the base of the throat – blue in the dip, purple in between your eyebrows or an inch above that (remember everything is on the midline of your body) The crystal or white/clear stone goes at the top of your head with the point directed at your head. Lie there for about 20-30 minutes and let the stones work on you. When finished with the stones, remove one at a time in reverse order, starting with the crown chakra. Place them on rock salt (ice cream salt) for at least an hour or overnight to clear them of pathogenic energies. Rock salt can be re-used for years, or until it starts turning grey. Recharge the stones periodically by placing them in the sunlight, like on a window sill or in the garden.

Most chakras have one color associated with them, but two of the chakras have two colors associated with them. Heart chakra has pink and green; crown chakra has purple/violet or white. You may use stones of either color, or both, on those chakras. For the others, root chakra is red, but it can take a red or black stone, second chakra takes an orange stone, third a yellow one, fourth pink and/or green, fifth (throat) blue, sixth takes purple/violet, and crown indigo and/or or white/clear. Note: chakras are numbered starting at the bottom going up. The root chakra is number one.

I have chakra stones kits and gorgeous, one-of-a-kind pendulums I design and make myself for sale on my ETSY shop.  Click here: LAXMI’S JOY

If you wish to work on another person with this technique, you may. However, please read about how to work on yourself first.



Before placing the stones on the client’s chakras, check with a pendulum to learn how each chakra is spinning. Hold the pendulum over the chakra and ask it to show you how that chakra is spinning. Watch to see what it does. Some chakras will be more widely open and therefore make a larger circle when the pendulum is held over them. The average chakra will have a diameter as wide as the palm of the person’s hand. If it is far larger, it is too open and can be leaking energy. If it is quite small, or the pendulum does not move at all, it is not functioning properly. It is not necessary to correct that with the pendulum, the stone will heal the chakras. The pendulum provides a before and after check for the changes made by the stones. (To check this on one’s self is difficult if not impossible.)

Note that in some people certain chakras will spin clockwise or counter clockwise (anti-clockwise). It is best to allow the chakras to do whatever they do. “Correcting” that can be a mistake. Sometimes a chakra needs to release something, so it will spin in  a direction it normally does not spin, just for that purpose. Also there is some disagreement as to what direction chakras are “supposed” to spin from one cluture to the next. If corrections need to be made the stones placed on the chakras will consult with the body and make the changes needed. Stones have consciousness, therefore, so do the pendulums! Treat these tools as sacred. Store them in a sacred place. Clear them of any energies they pick up while healing a person by placing them on rock salt for at least an hour afterward. Rock salt is sometimes referred to as ice cream salt.

All energy medicine is best done in a quiet space with no talking, no radios, TVs, pets or small children in the room or noise coming from the adjoining rooms. The client will benefit most from silently lying still with closed eyes. Talking and looking around keep him in an alert state and not as receptive to the energies.

After the stones are placed on the correct chakras, leave them there for 15-30 minutes, or until your intuition tells you that the work is finished. If the client falls asleep that is good. They are probably in an altered state of consciousness that is not actually sleep. This is a normal part of energy medicine healing and being deeply relaxed.

Once you are finished with the session, and you can check with the pendulum to learn if it is indeed complete, and you have removed the stones to the rock salt, allow the client ample resting time to come back to a normal waking consciousness. No one need pop up off the table in a rush. Also, a certain amount of dizziness is normal. Sometimes it happens and others not.

Before the client gets up from the treatment table or blanket, check the spin of the chakras again. There will usually be a noticeable difference in the size or  the spin of the chakras after treatment with the stones.

 Here is an informal video by Lois Wetzel:   HOW TO USE A PENDULUM



The use of monatomic elements, particularly gold and black, is suggested in the EDINA materials for the support of the Lightbody and to ease the ascension process. (The Ankenash recommend using monatomics, which is why they are mentioned in the EDINA materials.) One of the most interesting claims about monatomics is that they are lighter than air. Yet they do not float. They can be found   There are only seven monatomic elements. Another name for them is ormus.

“Not a lot is known yet about monatomic elements from the scientific viewpoint. I personally find them helpful from time to time – especially in the beginning stages of doing EDINA. The Ankenash recommend them, so therefore I do as well.”  ~ Lois Wetzel, Founder of EDINA Energy Medicine

Monatomic elements are at this time considered to be chemically inert, meaning they cannot interact with the body in the way chemicals are known to do. However, those who use the monatomic gold report anything from greater clarity of thinking to deeper meditations, to help with “:symptoms” of ADD and ADHD. Mostly what people report are greater calmness and clarity, increased energy and greater spiritual abilities from taking them. The monatomic black clears negativity from the body/aura. There are quite a few more monatomic elements besides black and gold. The Ankenash recommend gold and black as the basics. Much more information is to be found on the websites where the products are sold. Please use your discrimination and inner guidance when reading and when buying. The final decision and responsibility for your choices is always yours.

Here is an interesting article on monatomic elements, or ormus.  MONATOMICS

A google search will find many more websites which discuss this.


EDINA MANUAL: If you only want a copy of the Basic EDINA Manual, please fill in $11.00 in the PayPal button which is below and make note that the Basic EDINA manual is what you wantNote: The Basic EDINA Class includes a PDF copy of the Basic EDINA Manual. You would only order just the manual if you and a friend are initiating each other–or if you are initiating others for free or in trade.


EDINA Classes: To pay for a class, use the PayPal button below and fill in the amount you are paying. The Basic EDINA class includes Lois Wetzel, Founder of EDINA, teaching the class in audio format, a manual to print out, meditations, links to sacred geometry images and a YouTube of Lois doing demonstrations, etc. If studying Basic EDINA with any other Instructor besides Lois contact that Instructor directly to make payment – contact info is on the Instructors page.

After reading “EDINA: Energy Medicine from the Stars” you and a friend may initiate each other for free. Directions are in the book. After taking this class you may teach EDINA to others as long as you do that for FREE or as a trade. If you decide that you wish to charge for teaching the class, please contact Lois to become an Instructor. Only authorized Instructors may charge money for teaching EDINA classes.

By ordering the Basic EDINA Class, you agree to abide by the EDINA Integrity Agreement below. Those who practice EDINA and violate these rules will simply lose contact with The Ankenash.

Basic EDINA =  $150.00
Advanced Module One = $444.00
Advanced Module Two = $445.00



E.D.I.N.A. Initiates have a special honor and responsibility. You have been called to this work or you would not have shown up or contacted us. Congratulations on your profound wisdom in responding to this very powerful spiritual calling!

To honor this call, it is important to respect the parameters of the method. The E.D.I.N.A. energies will not work with you in any other way. This is how it is now, it may change later, and Lois J. Wetzel, Founder of E.D.I.N.A., will be told by The Ankenash if it does. At this time, she is the only one receiving communication from The Ankenash about E.D.I.N.A. Lois will also be told if that changes. By making payment, you agree that you will abide by the following:

1. I will not teach any part of this method (directly or indirectly) to anyone else for payment unless I am authorized by Lois J. Wetzel or her successors or assigns. I will not teach any Advanced EDINA techniques to anyone at all, unless I am certified to do so by Lois J. Wetzel or her successors or assigns.

2. I will use this method only as instructed. I will not change it in any way.

3. I will only connect to the E.D.I.N.A. energies in the way I have been instructed. I will never do E.D.I.N.A. while drinking alcohol or using recreational drugs, nor work on anyone who is under the influence of said chemicals.

4. I further acknowledge that E.D.I.N.A. has been created to help us heal, and to prepare us for Ascension. The Ankenash are NOT our personal spirit guides or guardian angels, and I will not EVER attempt to contact them in that way.

I understand that if I violate these agreements The Ankenash will stop showing up to assist in my healing sessions. 

This constitutes the entire agreement.

Please print this page out so you have a copy of the agreement to which you can refer later.


Lois  Wetzel’ Website: Hot Pink Lotus 

Books on Amazon & Kindle by Lois Wetzel:  Author Lois Wetzel

Katherine Mullen ~ Seven Lilies


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(Lois Wetzel, Founder of E.D.I.N.A., has been published in Sedona Journal under the pen-name “Lotus Fire”- she channels Archangel Gabriel. There are many other interesting writers of channeled information in the pages of this magazine.)

Lois’ AAGabriel Blog: Lotus Fire Channel

Event Temples:

Basic EDINA Initiation

How to get a Basic EDINA Initiation:

To get a Basic EDINA Initiation, you can read the Founder’s book, “EDINA: Energy Medicine from the Stars!” with a friend(s) and then initiate each other for free. This is a very generous offer. The Founder of EDINA, Lois J Wetzel, has spent hundreds of hours channeling and writing curriculum just for Basic EDINA, not to mention the far more complex, powerful and involved Advanced EDINA Modules. Yet for the price of the book, she gives precise instructions as to how to practice Basic EDINA, as well as how to initiate another person–again, this is a very generous offering to the world.

If you choose to have Lois Wetzel or one of her Instructors initiate you, then there will be a charge for the Basic EDINA Class, which will be sent to you online for self-study. Why? Because this is one way you can support the work, but even more so because doing an Initiation takes energy. As these powerful energies from The Ankenash run through the Initiator’s body, it also requires from the Initiator what is called “Psycho-Spiritual Energy.” One of the laws of the Cosmos is that there must be an exchange of energy for energy. Money is a form of concretized energy. There is a limit to how many of these initiations Lois herself will be able to do, and the day will come when she no longer does them at all. And by the way, the most famous trance channel in the world, Edgar Cayce, died before his time because he would not listen to the Being he was channeling when he was told to slow down, that he was doing too much trance work. There is a limit to what the human form can do.

If you are initiating others after you have been initiated, please remember to create an energy exchange. It could be anything from having your Initiate mow your lawn or do car repairs, or childcare or some other thing of value to you. However, you may not charge money to initiate others. Only Certified EDINA Instructors may charge money for the initiation. Once you have signed up for this class you then have the Basic EDINA Manual which you can reproduce and give to your own Initiates, as long as you do not charge Initiates for the manual above the costs associated with printing it.

If you wish to charge money for doing EDINA Initiations, please contact the Founder to become a Certified Basic EDINA Instructor.

Remember, if you do not follow the protocols set in place by The Ankenash, they will simply stop working with you.

To be initiated by the Founder of EDINA, Lois Wetzel, please click on the button below to donate the price of the remote class. This class will be sent to you via email for self-study.  After you have studied the manual, the audio portion of the class recorded by Lois Wetzel, the illustrations and YouTube which Lois has made of drawing down the light, opening the portal, and opening the vortex, email her and you will be initiated remotely. She uses a shamanic remote viewing technique to do this.

The price to be initiated and receive the Basic EDINA Class is $150.00. (Please read the EDINA Integrity Agreement below. By being initiated you agree to abide by the Integrity Agreement.)



EDINA Initiates have a special honor and responsibility. You have been called to this work or you would not have shown up or contacted us. Congratulations on your profound wisdom in responding to this very powerful spiritual calling!

To honor this call, it is important to respect the parameters of the method. The EDINA energies will not work with you in any other way. This is how it is now, it may change later, and Lois J. Wetzel, Founder of EDINA, will be told by the Ankenash if it does. At this time, she is the only one receiving communication from the Ankenash about EDINA Lois will also be told if that changes. By making payment, you agree that you will abide by the following:

  1.  I will not teach any part of this method (directly or indirectly) to anyone else for payment unless I am authorized by Lois J. Wetzel or her successors or assigns. I will not teach any Advanced EDINA techniques to anyone at all, unless I am certified to do so by Lois J. Wetzel or her successors or assigns.
  2.  I will use this method only as instructed. I will not change it in any way.
  3.  I will only connect to the EDINA energies in the way I have been instructed.
  4. I will never do EDINA while drinking/under the influence of alcohol or using recreational drugs, nor work on anyone who is under the influence of said chemicals.
  5.  I further acknowledge that EDINA has been created to help us heal, and to prepare and assist us in our Ascension. The Ankenash are NOT our personal spirit guides or guardian angels, and I will not EVER attempt to contact them in that way.

This constitutes the entire agreement.

Please print this page out so you have a copy of the agreement to which you can refer later.

Classes & Initiations

Class Descriptions:

Basic EDINA is pre-requisite to all Advanced EDINA Modules

Advanced EDINA Classes are numbered modules.

All classes are currently available for self-study. The materials will be sent to you via email once you sign up.

(See Payments page to sign up for these classes.)



Basic EDINA is the first in a series of classes. In this first class you learn how to connect to the Ankenash in the healing setting they can come in and work with you and your client, or you alone when working on yourself. You will learn some meditations to strengthen your healing ability, your intuitive ability, and to increase the light coming to you from Creator/Source. The class covers how to being in specific colors of light to tonify and heal different body parts and systems, and which colors of light go where.

This basic information includes techniques from medical chi gong. After the class you will be able to channel EDINA energy through your hands like Reiki. When you connect to the Ankenash, you 12 strand DNA is automatically being activated as well as that of the client. You can use EDINA to work on yourself and/or clients, family, pets.

See the Instructors page for locations of Instructors for in-person study. The class is also available at a distance for self-study. After you have finished studying the materials which include a manual, audio sessions, YouTube video and images you can print out to use in your sessions, you will notify us and then be initiated remotely.

Taking Advanced EDINA Modules at a distance:

The process is quite simple, and is the same as for Basic EDINA. You will be emailed the written portion as well as the audio and YouTube portions of the class. A free one-hour phone or SKYPE session to discuss the materials and ask questions with Lois is available and highly recommended, though not required.



All students are reporting that these advanced classes far exceed their expectations. In Module One you will learn advanced methods of working with the EDINA energies, including an understanding of the development of the energetic anatomy of the human anatomy starting with the zygote. You will the use of many more light colors, whee to place them in the body, information about sounds used to break up certain dense pathogenic energies in the body, healing teeth and bones, healing the brain and nervous system, flushing the pranic tube, uses of light and sound frequencies, and how they relate to sacred geometry. There will also be some different meditation exercises for building your energy field and potential, and for stabilizing you emotionally as we are going through all these frequency shifts occurring on the planet and in our solar system.

Price for Advanced EDINA Module One – $444.00

Once this class has been completed, the student is eligible to be listed on the website as a Certified EDINA Practitioner after:

Taking a written exam over the material covered in the class

Completing at least thirty sessions on clients which may include your clients, family and/or friends. Up to half may be on yourself.

To remit payment for any of the advanced EDINA online classes go to the Payments page.



In this class you will learn even more techniques for drawing down the light, specific colors for specific areas not covered in Basic EDINA or Module One. Also covered are how to use EDINA to alter the RNA/DNA to heal genetic disorders, drawing various colors into the chakras, further uses for the I-Ching symbols, clearing emotional mis-connections in the brain, releasing emotional toxins, how to draw down light to heal the hara line, or pranic tube if either become damaged. Removal of implants from past lives, Peruvian lightbody technique, removal of miasms (such as a familial tendency to poverty, obesity, vulnerability to deception, and so on), how to use rattles, feathers in healing…and so much more are included in this class.

Basic EDINA and Module One are prerequisites

Price for this class is $445.00

Additional advanced modules will be added in the future.


Pre-requisite class is Basic EDINA

The Founder of EDINA, Lois J Wetzel, MFA,  has been doing past life readings for clients since 1990. She has written two books on this subject, Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives, and Reincarntion: Past Lives and the Akashic Record. Lois was given the method she uses by Archangel Gabriel.

Past Life Readings are a healing modality. This type of reading most definitely heals the psyche and the body/mind. For this reason, it is taught under the umbrella of EDINA, with The Ankenash in full attendance. Lois has never done a reading without having the Ankenash present, and thus it is part of the way she does the readings. As Lois says, “Basic EDINA is a pre-requisite, since contacting The Ankenash is part of how I do these readings. They were there with me long before I was ever aware they were, even though some of them had already shown up in my art work…way back in the ’60s.”

The price of the class is $600.00.



Pre-requisite class is Basic EDINA

Anyone who has taken Advanced EDINA Module One may apply to study this class with the Founder, Lois J Wetzel. The class is taught via SKYPE or phone. Written materials will be sent to the student. After these have been studied, it will be followed by a one-on-one hour of instruction with Lois.

This class involves clearing spaces and/or persons of dis-incarnate persons, dark energies of various intensities, plus the closing of portals where necessary. This is serious work and not advised for anyone who is frightened by the idea of doing it. Candidates will be screened most carefully.

If seriously interested in taking this class, contact lois (at) hotpinklotus (dot) com.


Certified EDINA Practitioners


Certified EDINA Practitioners

World-wide, there are many Basic EDINA Practitioners, those listed below decided to become Certified and listed on this website. They have also taken Advanced EDINA, been tested on the material, and documented a minimum number of sessions before achieving Certification.



After taking Basic EDINA, the next step is to take Advanced EDINA Module One. At the end of that class, there is a test. After successfully taking the test, and completing at least 30 sessions, one may become a Certified EDINA Practitioner and listed here on the site. Many take the advanced courses and use EDINA in their work, from medical doctors to psychotherapists to massage therapists, but do not decide to be listed here. Many others take the advanced courses and work by referrals only, so are not listed below.

The next step in EDINA advancement would be to take Advanced EDINA Module One and then apply to become a Certified Instructor, and begin to initiate others into Basic EDINA as an EDINA professional. This means you may charge for teaching the classes. Or you may opt to take Advanced EDINA Module Two and become a Certified Advanced EDINA Practitioner after taking an exam over the materials.

To teach the Advanced courses, one would first become a Certified Instructor. The next step is to initiate 150 people into Basic EDINA after becoming a Certified Instructor.  At some point during initiating 150 people, it is necessary to take Module Two as well. When both of these are completed, one may apply to teach the advanced classes.

If interested in this process, email the founder, Lois J Wetzel. See email below.


Founder of EDINA

Lois J. Wetzel

Does Remote Sessions 

Hot Pink Lotus




Jai Pankhurst


Bonogin, Gold Coast 

Lynne Heuermann 

Angel Speak


Julimar, Perth, Western Australia

Amanda Seneno




Mississauga, Ontario

Rev. Robert Richer




Hokkaido, Japan

Mieko Ifuji

Speaks Japanese




Kapiti Coast, Wellington

Ms. Frankie Schmid

Does Remote Sessions




Gesine McGregor

Does Remote Sessions



(Listings are alphabetical by STATE)



Homestead, Florida

Angel Mae Collins

Angel Aura Holistics


Titusville, Florida 

Gaye Lobban



Wood Dale, Illinois

Joan Hansen



Ludington, Michigan

Brian La Guire

Does Remote Sessions

Healing for Ascension



St. Louis, Missouri 

Monica Stoutenborough 

Pura Vegan



Garden City (Long Island), New York  

Harriette S. McDonough, LSMSW, DCEP 

Three Arms Energy Balancing



Raleigh, North Carolina

Jessica Crawford  




Tigard, Oregon

Brenda Culbertson

Does Remote Sessions




Austin, Texas

Carol Wade Schacherl

Does Remote Sessions


Zulma Jimenez

Does Remote Sessions

Se habla Espanol.


Beaumont, Texas

Cissie Owen

Corpus Christs, Texas

Victoria Majors

Does Remote Sessions


Dallas, Texas

Katherine Mullen

Does Remote Sessions

Seven Lilies


Houston, Texas

David Germain


Andrea Johnson

Infinity Bliss


Terry Lee Wilson


Lake Jackson, Texas

Brandi Khan




Ashland, Wisconsin

Bruce Durward



What Can EDINA Heal?

What reports do we have from those experiencing EDINA sessions? Experiences include relief from narcolepsy, broken bones healing that had refused to mend previously, the healing of emotional disorders, of insomnia, panic disorders, allergies, back pain, headaches, anxiety or depression, scoliosis, arthritis, snoring, digestive problems, post-traumatic stress disorder due to various forms of severe trauma, terminal blood diseases and joint pain–just to name a few. It has been shown to ease the dying process in the elderly. This modality can be practiced at a distance with equal success as in person.

Other miracles using EDINA include leukemia and other terminal diseases going “into remission” suddenly, remarkable improvements after strokes, hearing being restored, changes in the client clearly being seen on the hospital monitors while EDINA is being done, skin disorders, a lifetime of anger, pain and sorrow after WWII combat experiences finally being resolved and healed, and many more.

Migraine Headaches:

“I work as a surgical nurse in a hospital, but I also have private clients for energy medicine sessions. Mostly they come from friends’ referrals; everyone who comes to me is by word of mouth. I had a private energy medicine client who had been having migraine headaches for over twenty years. I did a series of six sessions on her using EDINA energy medicine. Her headaches gradually went away. This was over a year ago, and she has not had even one migraine since.

My background is that I have taken Basic EDINA as well as Module One.”

April – Registered Nurse

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

“I had an older gentleman come to me for massage who has been having anxiety or panic attacks since puberty. In spite of extensive psychotherapy and medications, he still had a huge issue with this. He went out of his way while driving, for example, to avoid left-hand turns, since they set off his panic attacks. The attacks were so severe, that he often thought he would die of a heart attack during one of them. I decided to offer EDINA treatments to him. I figured, what could it hurt?

After three sessions with EDINA energy medicine his panic attacks and free-floating anxiety have completely gone. He took himself off his medications, too. This has been consistent for about six months now, and he was having them weekly prior to coming to see me. I am deeply impressed, and so is he.”

Alana, Licensed Massage Therapist

Atrial Fibrillation Gone

One of my regular chiropractic clients developed an issue with an irregular heart beat, which is also called “atrial fibrillation”. Her medical doctors were concerned about the possibility of blood clots and stroke as a result of this condition. I asked her permission to use EDINA on her, and after a few treatments of EDINA alongside chiropractic, her heart beat is back to normal. Now, I cannot prove scientifically that EDINA did this, but I feel sure it did. So does my client.”

George – chiropractor

Chronic Pain Improvement

My cousin Larry was in pain for years following a car wreck that left him in the hospital for several months. He had tried just about everything to relieve this pain, but nothing seemed to work much. He was on pain pills too much, and wanted to stop using them. I did Reiki on him with an EDINA overlay for a few weeks off and on, and his pain has gradually almost gone away. Larry says it is about 80% better than before I worked on him.

I feel so proud of myself for being brave enough to offer to try this for him. I was really scared everyone in my family would be really down on me for doing this airy-fairy weird stuff, but they are all, “Do it on me! Do it on me!”

Beverly – Insurance Adjustor

EDINA Module Two Session -Miasm of Poverty:

“I am a part-time healer. I own my own businesses, but need a lot of variety to keep from getting bored. I really like working on people because it makes me feel like I am doing something meaningful in the world besides just making money.

I want to report something amazing that has happened with one of my clients. Using a technique from EDINA Module Two, the miasm removal, I removed from my client a “miasm of poverty”. A miasm is something carried in the familial DNA. Subsequent to her session which occurred about one year ago, my client has experienced a gradual, significant and noticeable increase in income that has not stopped, though she has done else nothing differently. Her sister and son have also experienced noticeable increases in their income. Remember, the miasm is familial. It affects entire families. If done on one member, it will affect the entire family in a positive way. Not all members will have inherited that piece of DNA, but it might just be dormant in that person’s genes, waiting to manifest in their children or grandchildren. This technique removes it from the gene pool of the family, by just working on the one member of the family.

Miasms can be of obesity, poverty, mental illness, alcoholism, paranoia, child abuse, and so on. It can be anything that several or all of the members of a family experience.

Module Two is my favorite of all the EDINA teachings. It is absolutely amazing.”

Bernard – Entrepreneur

Allergies Gone!

My older sister, Jenna, has been allergic to everything under the sun for ever since I can remember. During my sessions for her, which were about six months of EDINA treatments, her allergies have gone away to the point that she never takes medication for them any more. She was thinking about getting allergy shots, but I told her to let me try EDINA on her, and they gradually began to improve, so that she decided to put it off, getting the shots I mean. Now she is glad she did. She went and took Basic EDINA online and is using it on herself and her husband and kids now, too. She thinks it is helping them all with spiritual growth, too. That makes me really happy!

I have had Basic EDINA only. I am not a professional healer at all.”

Heather – Photographer

Peace, Joy and Harmony

“I have taken all the levels of EDINA classes. I am single, and my kids are grown. I do not do EDINA on anyone but myself, but I consider it an important part of my daily spiritual practice. I open the EDINA portal daily and allow The Ankenash to work on me while I either lie in bed, or sit up meditating. I have been doing this for five years now, and I consider EDINA to be the reason that most of the time I exist in peace, harmony and joy. I have seen enormous changes in my personality and the way I relate to people. I used to be an enormous Drama Queen that everyone avoided, and now I feel like a sane person who has a lot of friends, and somebody my family enjoys having around for the first time in my life. Years of psychotherapy had almost no effect on me. But EDINA has completely changed me.”

Tammy Jo – Realtor

These are only a fraction of the miraculous experiences which even Basic E.D.I.N.A. practitioners have seen. Please join us in this miracle!

Audio Files: Basic EDINA

The following class material is only for people who have paid for an
initiation with Lois Wetzel. It is not to be shared with those who have
not paid. This is copyrighted material. All rights are reserved.
Purchasing the class and manual helps support the Founder in continuing
to do this sacred work on Earth.

Once you have read the manual and listened to the audio files at least 
once (most people do this many times) email me, and I will initiate you
remotely. I send audio and written material because I am a college-level

trained educator. I know that anything is easier to learn with more than

one form of sensory input used. It has been proven repeatedly.  Please

avail yourself of both manual and audio as well as the video of the EDINA demo.

THIS IS DECEPTIVELY COMPLEX MATERIAL. It looks simple, but it is not. The

more you read the EDINA book, and the more you go over this class, the more

you will understand it. This is material channeled from The Ankenash, and like

all highly advanced beings, they use as few words as possible to say what they

mean. Sometimes you will think you understand, and then you have questions

when you start to practice. When that happens, go back to the book

“EDINA: Energy Medicine from the Stars!” and this class. Study it carefully.

You will find the answers there.

AUDIO FILES ARE LARGE. You will need a computer to listen to them; a
phone or tablet will not work in the vast majority of cases.

See “attachments” for the Basic EDINA Manual. You may print it out for
easier reference in healing sessions.

Basic EDINA audio sections:  These can be downloaded to any MP3 player
or listened to on your computer or notebook.

Part One (20 minutes)

Part Two (9 minutes)

MEDITATIONS (13 minutes)- MP3 – Downloadable

Basic EDINA Part Three (22 minutes)

YouTube video of an EDINA demonstration.

Email me when you have finished studying the material. I will then
initiate you remotely, and notify you after it is done.

Congratulations your wisdom in following the call to practice EDINA!

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