Audio Files: Basic EDINA

The following class material is only for people who have paid for an
initiation with Lois Wetzel. It is not to be shared with those who have
not paid. This is copyrighted material. All rights are reserved.
Purchasing the class and manual helps support the Founder in continuing
to do this sacred work on Earth.

Once you have read the manual and listened to the audio files at least 
once (most people do this many times) email me, and I will initiate you
remotely. I send audio and written material because I am a college-level

trained educator. I know that anything is easier to learn with more than

one form of sensory input used. It has been proven repeatedly.  Please

avail yourself of both manual and audio as well as the video of the EDINA demo.

THIS IS DECEPTIVELY COMPLEX MATERIAL. It looks simple, but it is not. The

more you read the EDINA book, and the more you go over this class, the more

you will understand it. This is material channeled from The Ankenash, and like

all highly advanced beings, they use as few words as possible to say what they

mean. Sometimes you will think you understand, and then you have questions

when you start to practice. When that happens, go back to the book

“EDINA: Energy Medicine from the Stars!” and this class. Study it carefully.

You will find the answers there.

AUDIO FILES ARE LARGE. You will need a computer to listen to them; a
phone or tablet will not work in the vast majority of cases.

See “attachments” for the Basic EDINA Manual. You may print it out for
easier reference in healing sessions.

Basic EDINA audio sections:  These can be downloaded to any MP3 player
or listened to on your computer or notebook.

Part One (20 minutes)

Part Two (9 minutes)

MEDITATIONS (13 minutes)- MP3 – Downloadable

Basic EDINA Part Three (22 minutes)

YouTube video of an EDINA demonstration.

Email me when you have finished studying the material. I will then
initiate you remotely, and notify you after it is done.

Congratulations your wisdom in following the call to practice EDINA!

To keep up with updates on EDINA, new classes, interesting material from me,

please sign up for the newsletter on either the EDINA WEBSITE or Hot Pink Lotus

my primary website.  The email will come via Constant Contact.

Luminous Blessings,

Lois J. Wetzel, MFA


EDINA Energy Medicine

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