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Certified EDINA Instructors

The following are Certified EDINA Instuctors. These are the only persons officially certified by Lois J. Wetzel, Founder of EDINA Energy Medicine, to teach EDINA Energy Medicine, or to charge money to initiate students into the practice of EDINA. If you want to take an Advanced EDINA Class, you must have been initiated by a Certified EDINA Instructor.

If there is a small star next to an instructor’s name, this indicates that they are able to do initiations at a distance.

If you wish to take a Basic EDINA class in person, here are the instructor contacts. Please email the instructor for details about private instruction, their upcoming classes, or other questions. Advanced EDINA Classes are taught by Lois Wetzel only at this time. While the Founder of EDINA, Lois Wetzel, does still offer Basic EDINA as well, she does not conduct in-person classes; they are taught remotely via self-study online. Lois will  initiate you remotely. (See tab under EDINA Home)

All the other Instructors teach in-person classes and many teach remotely.

If you are feeling the call to become a Certified EDINA Instructor, please contact Lois Wetzel’s office:
edinaenergymedicine (at)


Mieko Ifuji






Ludington, Michigan*

*Brian La Guire

Healing for Ascension




Austin, Texas

Carol Wade Schacherl


*Lois J Wetzel

Hot Pink Lotus


Beaumont, Texas

Cissie Owen


Dallas, Texas

*Katherine Mullen

Seven Lilies


Houston, Texas

*Andrea Johnson

Infinity Bliss


Lake Jackson, Texas

Brandi Khan




Ashland, Wisconsin

Bruce Durward


EDINA Integrity Agreement

In case anyone missed this, it is right beside the Basic EDINA payment button. These are the conditions under which The Ankenash will continue to come when called:

Anyone who asks to be initiated into EDINA agrees to abide by the Integrity Agreement by asking to be initiated, no matter who does the initiation.




E.D.I.N.A. Initiates have a special honor and responsibility. You have been called to this work or you would not have shown up or contacted us. Congratulations on your profound wisdom in responding to this very powerful spiritual calling!

To honor this call, it is important to respect the parameters of the method. The EDINA energies will not work with you in any other way. This is how it is now, it may change later, and Lois J. Wetzel, Founder of EDINA, will be told by The Ankenash if it does. At this time, she is the only one receiving communication from The Ankenash about EDINA. Lois will also be told if that changes. By requesting an initiation you agree that you will abide by the following:

1. I will not teach any part of this method (directly or indirectly) to anyone else for payment unless I am authorized by Lois J. Wetzel or her successors or assigns. I will not teach any Advanced EDINA techniques to anyone at all, unless I am certified to do so by Lois J. Wetzel or her successors or assigns.

2. I will use this method only as instructed. I will not change it in any way.

3. I will only connect to the EDINA. energies in the way I have been instructed. I will never do EDINA while drinking alcohol or using recreational drugs, nor work on anyone who is under the influence of said chemicals.

4. I further acknowledge that EDINA has been created to help us heal, and to prepare us for Ascension. The Ankenash are NOT our personal spirit guides or guardian angels, and I will not EVER attempt to contact them in that way.

I understand that if I violate these agreements The Ankenash will stop showing up to assist in my healing sessions.

This constitutes the entire agreement.

Please print this page out so you have a copy of the agreement to which you can refer later.


What is the Lightbody?

The Lightbody is a double of our physical body right down to the cellular level. This duplicate is made of Light. There is measurable light in every cell of our bodies. Dr. Harry Oldfield created a machine which actually measures this light and shows the image on a screen as well as the changes that occur when energy medicine is practiced on the person.

It is this Lightbody which leaves the physical body when we die–our consciousness going with it. However, it is believed by many ancient and some modern spiritual traditions that it is possible to raise the vibration of the physical body to match that of the Lightbody, using certain meditation techniques, or sound vibrations, as well as via reactivation of our 12-strand DNA, so that we ascend rather than merely continue to die and reincarnate over and over. One of the goals of EDINA energy medicine is to help with reconnecting 12-strand DNA in order to make ascension easier for humanity.

The Ankenash have ascended many times, and want to help us with this process which can be daunting at times, and quite uncomfortable. EDINA energy medicine not only takes the edge off the physical and emotional disruptions, but all the discomforts we might feel while going though our ascension.

It is also believed possible for a person to ascend after physical death. This has happened numerous times before. The physical body turns to Light shortly after death. There have been reports of scores of Tibetan monks achieving this in certain special caves in Tibet over the past several hundred years.

Many believe that the Shroud of Turin has a negative photographic image of Jesus on it because as his body turned into light it made an imprint on the cloth as it moved through the cloth into the Realms of Light. It has been frequently and broadly speculated that Jesus came to earth to demonstrate ascension as well as teach Essene truths. Sadly, humanity chose to adore him – setting him above themselves – rather than emulate him which was his intention. “These things I do ye shall do and more.”


Sacred Geometry Images

Google Plus stopped allowing anyone to share images. They shut it down. So here is a new location for the images. If you google looking for them you will find my articles with the correct images, plus you will see actual symbols which claim to be EDINA Symbols. They are not. The real ones are on the link below, which is one of the articles I just mentioned.

EDINA Sacred Geometry Symbols

It is highly recommended you view these images on a notebook or computer as it will be very hard, if not impossible, to see the necessary details on a cell phone. The sacred geometry forms are on graph paper. With the exception of the symbol that is a Julia set crop formation, these are hand drawn by Lois with compass and ruler, which is important. Hand drawn sacred geometry forms are much more powerful than anything generated by computer, no matter how much more neat and tidy computer images may seem to the left-brained. The forms on graph paper are also easier for the brain to absorb and interpret on a deep level than anything drawn upon a plain background.

Which chakra each sacred geometrical form goes into is also explained in the book, “EDINA: Energy Medicine from the Stars!”


Here is a link to a new TONE GENERATOR, which we had borrowed from a site which offered it for free. That site no longer exists. CLICK HERE

Why Do Self-EDINA as a Daily Practice?


People who do EDINA on themselves daily see amazing benefits. It can be combined with a meditation practice by opening the EDINA portal and then doing your usual meditation. Or you can lie down, open the Portal, and place your hands on your own body allowing the energy to flow into you. This can be used as form of meditation all by itself.

Here are some of the benefits that have been observed from a daily EDINA practice on oneself.

  1. EDINA removes toxins from the body, emotional, physical, and mental. These benefits accumulate, and after a month or two of your continued practice, you will wonder how you ever got by without this practice. You will find you remain balanced despite the onslaughts of stress from without.
  2. Daily EDINA allows you to recover more quickly from colds, flu, infections, injuries, operations, or anything else illness-wise that comes your way.
  3. Your mind becomes more relaxed, calm, and you don’t get frantic as easily. You can handle whatever happens more easily.
  4. The benefits of touch are there, especially when you consider The Ankenash are there touching you as well as your laying hands on yourself. When you do this it is also for their energy to flow into your deepest innermost self. They are also touching you on all levels of your auric field as well. We all know that touch is necessary for emotional and mental health as well as physical.
  5. A clear mind from the practice of self-EDINA will allow you to make better decisions.
  6. Working with EDINA daily helps with the connection to The Ankenash, the ability to understand what they want of you in the sessions where you are healing others, and to just feel more familiar with EDINA.
  7. Doing this daily helps you remember to take care of yourself. The person with the empty bucket cannot pour healing waters out to anyone else.
  8. A sense of peace will gradually come over you with regular practice which like a pebble thrown into a pond, radiates outward into your world and to the people in your life.
  9. As you continue a daily practice with EDINA you will find your own unique spiritual path unfolding before you with greater ease and synchronicity.
  10. Your entire personality may change for the better as the above peace and opening of the spiritual path occur. And if not your entire personality, at least the troublesome parts of it will certainly become less troublesome.


Mirroring vs Spiritual Lessons


In the early 1900s Carl Jung, a contemporary of Freud, brought to the world the concept of shadow work. Many famous spiritual types are teaching these days about the importance of doing your shadow work, meaning that of seeing problems with other people as a mirror or something we need to work on ourselves. This is good, but it has become so prevalent in many people’s minds that the spiritual lessons we planned before we were born are taking a backseat – even becoming something people are not in the habit of noticing.

This is disturbing to me as a long-time spiritual teacher [30 plus years] and someone who has been aware of mirroring and shadow work even longer. Both are important. Shadow work clears out the subconscious/unconscious of the parts of ourselves we have shoved into that darkness. We do this to avoid knowing certain “bad” or “shameful” things about ourselves. This moving things to the subconscious happens in childhood. But our spiritual lessons, those which are not also mirroring events, are more pervasive, complicated, and show up more often. We plan them before we are born to learn and grow as souls. They are therefore, as you might imagine, terribly important.

Often we must work at being aware spiritual lessons are even in play. And if we are aware at that level, seeing everything that happens as a possible spiritual lesson, it can even then be difficult to discern what that spiritual lesson is.

Let’s say for example that several persons show up in your life at approximately the same time who are arrogant, demanding and entitled. The mirroring point of view would be unequivocally be that you absolutely have those qualities in yourself, and you need to work on those issues so those unpleasant people stop coming along. But what if you do not have those issues because you have either successfully worked on them in the past, or you never had them to begin with – having confirmed that fact with others who are close to you and have known you well 20 or more years that you do not have those issues? What is left is that this is a spiritual lesson.

So what might be the lesson in these persons showing up? Perhaps it is a lesson in compassion for people even though they are unpleasant people with whom to deal. Or maybe it is to learn not to have your buttons pushed when being treated with a lack of respect – or dealing with the need for respect. Another lesson might be to learn on a deeper level to set boundaries with other people – to not allow their demands to change how you work with them, as in giving them more time or more of anything than you normally would simply because they are demanding. Or could it be something else – something you are unable to think of without help? This is why spiritual lessons are so difficult to learn, and why it takes so many lifetimes to learn some of them. But they are critically important and hopefully they will not be pushed aside.

Here is what highly acclaimed spiritual master Matt Kahn has to say about this”

“Other people’s behavior is not a mirror of your level of consciousness. In truth, only your behavior reflects your level of consciousness, how you react and how you choose to view yourself and the world around you, from an ego or heart-centered perspective. Whatever needs to be seen to release judgments and learned for your journey ahead is precisely why anything appears in your world in view. Everything you encounter is an invitation to act in a peaceful, loving and inspired way. This is the heart of ascension.”

Lois J. Wetzel, MFA

EDINA Initiation Meditation

Lois created this meditation to help the student relax to receive the EDINA Initiation, though it could be used for other purposes, as in simple relaxation on a particularly stressful day, or for practice with learning to visualize.

Remote Healing Sessions



Many wonder how long distance healing can possibly work.  Almost none of us were raised to believe that such a thing could be possible.  It totally is against most people’s understanding of how reality operates.  This once was true for me as well, until I experienced this phenomenon for myself.  Many things in my life I know only because I was open enough to ask a question, try something new, and be a neutral observer of the outcome, with no preconceived ideas.  After all, isn’t this what we call basic research and scientific curiosity?

Quantum physics and mechanics totally explain how this kind of long distance connection can function, but how many of us studied quantum physics in school?  Even some scientists believe that the rules of quantum particles only apply at the quantum level, but the experience of thousands of energy medicine workers and their clients worldwide have proven otherwise.  Or for in depth study of this subject, see Lynne McTaggart’s book, “The Intention Experiment.”  In it she reports on her experiments on this subject done with world-famous physicists.

To explain this further, every particle in the Universe has to know what every other particle in the Universe is doing in order to know what it, itself, is supposed to be doing.  Separation is an illusion.  You and I are interconnected by something as vast as the water in an ocean that connects all the fish to each other, yet we do not see or perceive the “stuff” that connects us.  Unconscious like fish in the sea, we take this “stuff” for granted.  It is so pervasive, we cannot possibly imagine what would be without it, for nothing would exist without it.  It is that integral to everything.

This medium that connects us like the water in the sea, is also conscious.  It is like a giant mind.  Some call it the “Mindstuff of God.”  We are not talking about the God of any of the major religions, but the conscious, sacred, spiritual, primordial essence that pervades All That Is.  It is non-local, meaning it is everywhere at once, both inside and outside of us.  It flows uninterrupted everywhere; inside every cell of our bodies, in between the electrons and protons of every atom in our bodies and also to the atoms inside the sun, and at the depths of the sea, and between the atoms of Alpha Centauri, inside the smallest ant, and in the bacteria in the toilet bowl.  It is all connected by this same medium!

The conscious mind can only process 15 bits at any given moment, but there are 15 million bits of information coming at us in that same time frame.  The conscious mind is operating on the tiniest, tiniest fraction of information that is out there and available.  Given how limited the mind is, what choice does anyone have but to let go and trust?  How can we not be willing to entertain new thoughts or try something new?

Long-distance healing works within this all-pervasive connective medium. Within it, we recognize and honor the uninterrupted connection between the healer and the client, no matter how spatially separated our human illusion may cause it to seem that we are.  It is a fairly easy technique to learn.  However, the longer a person has been meditating, usually the more powerful their ability to do effective transformational work within this distant healing technique will be.

Symptoms of Ascension

I found these on the following website. I recommend you visit the website for more information. The nature of these symptoms has changed over the past 20 years or so, and this is a great overview of what they are like now.

Ascension Symptoms dot com

You just ‘know’ or sense that something is happening/changing. You just feel different for reasons you can’t explain.

Stomach and digestive issues, IBS, gasto-intestial problems; loss of appetite; periods of unexplained nausea.

Sudden changes in body temperatures; increased sensitivity or intolerance to heat or cold; abnormal heat and/or cold in certain body parts.

Cold or Flu-like symptoms that appear and then dissapear just as suddenly without escalating.

Frequent headaches; head pressure or other unusual sensations in the crown area; warmth, tingling, pinpricks, pulsating energy.

Increase in sensitivity of smell; strange smells from time to time that seem to come out of nowhere; Sinus and allergy issues.

Changes in vision and perception; catching glimpses of shadows, mist or smoke, flashes of light, sparkles, colors and swirling forms of energy.

Changes in hearing or sensitivity to sound; hearing strange sounds, tones and frequencies in your ears; whooshing, buzzing or ear popping/pressure.

Periods where you feel extremely cold for long periods of time or have a chill in your body, cold hands or feet; circulation issues.

Changes in diet, appetite and eating habits; Sudden cravings for or aversions to certain foods; Unexplainable weight gain or loss.

Sudden intolerances/allergies to certain food or other products and chemical sensitivities.

Changes in sleep patterns; waves of extreme fatigue that come and go unexpectedly; periods of restlessness or insomnia; a need for more or less sleep than normal;

Sporadic sleep schedules; repeated waking in the middle of the night especially around 3 am; unusual dreams or more lucid dreams.

Increase in daydreaming, fantasy; flashes of insights and visions; increased creativity and imagination.

Intense waves of heat throughout the body, hot flashes, chills or night sweats; feeling extremely hot or waves or warming energy in various chakra centers.

Increased static electrical charge in the body; energy ‘zaps’, tingles, itching, pinpricks; muscle spasms or twitches that occur sporadically in certain parts of the body.

General body aches and pains, tension and soreness not caused by injury or exercise.

Clumsiness, lack of coordination at times, bumping into or dropping objects more often; dizziness or feeling ungrounded.

Sporadic bursts of increased energy or inspiration; feeling hyper-active or frantic energy; panic attacks; accelerated mental energy; racing or scattered thoughts.

Unexplainable nervousness or anxiety that comes and goes spontaneously for no apprent reason.

Feeling Intense or unusual vibrations; experiencing pulsating or rushing waves of energy, tingling sensations pressure throughout the body or in specific areas (chakra centers).

Exteme sensitivity; feeling over-emotional; Episodes of crying for no apparent reason or bouts of hysterical laughter for no apparent reason.

Periods of intense frustration, anger or rage, short-tempered or easily agitated or impatient.

Moments where you experience increase in heart rate out of the blue, or unusual sensations in the heart chakra area.

Unusual skin changes that come and go (rashes, hives, itching or tingles).

Changes in hair and nail texture, color or rate of growth. Hair and nails may grow faster than normal.

Feeling more drawn to be in nature and in more serene environments.

A sudden increase in synchronicity (meaningful coincidences); seeing 11:11 or other recurring numbers often.

Abrupt changes with job, friends, hobbies, interests, or living environments or strong urge to relocate.

Physicality may feel ‘unreal’ at times and external reality appears dreamlike at times.

Increased “self talk” or inner dialogue; issues with voice or speech.

A need for more personal space and alone time; introversion.

Feeling invisible, alienated or detached from from others and/or the world around you.

Feeling lost or a sudden loss of your old ‘identity’ and a calling to find your true self.

A deep longing to go Home even though you may not know where ‘home’ is.

Asense of urgency like you are running out of time or that ‘something is about to happen’.

Moments of heightened energy where you may receive channeled information ; or automatic writing.

Sudden lack of mental focus and ability to concentrate or comprehend linear information; feeling scattered; brain fog; confusion; forgetting things more often.

Feeling ungrounded at times, scattered or spacey thoughts; feeling detatched or in a dream-like trance.

Time distortions; losing track of time; a sense that time is ‘speeding up’ or ‘slowing down’ at various moments;

You begin to see halos of light around people, animals and objects; distorted or blurred vision; sensitivity to bright light; more intense closed-eye visions.

Increased Telepathy with other people and animals; flashes of insight and increased Intuition.

Feeling that you have a Divine purpose on the planet and that you are on a special ‘mission’.

Profound feeling of love, peace, understanding and interconnectedness with All things.

Increased psychic awareness and sensitivity, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and intuition.

Bizarre or intense dreams; prophetic or precognitive dreams or dreamlike visions occuring more often.

Electronic devices may malfunction often in your presence (lights may flicker or bulbs burn out often).

A feeling that you are not alone or that there is a non-physical presence near you (visits from angelic beings, spirits, e.t’s, messengers and guides)

Experiencing sudden inspirations and divine revelations, rushes of energy and flashes of deep insight.

A feeling that something is ‘about to happen’ or something important is coming, although you don’t know what or when.

[Read Expanded version]

Energy Clearing & Sacred Space Creation

This Energy & Space Clearing and Creating Sacred Space class explains in detail how to clear people and places of dark energetic signatures (also known as implants, entities and attachments). It also will clear and send to their proper location disembodied persons, as well as clear away tentacles, cords, spells and curses. It also teaches the student how to create sacred space.

Also taught is a self-help technique for clearing negativity which has become attached to your own person should you ever need to do that.

Creating sacred space for one’s self or others is an exciting and fun thing to do, and very energizing. It is one of my favorite things to do for clients.

This online class includes a one-hour SKYPE or phone consultation with Lois after all the material has been studied, which will give you the chance to ask questions and practice doing remote energy clearing on the phone if you wish.

For serious healers this is a powerful addition to the healing practice, but only for those who are sure that they feel drawn to doing this kind of work.

If interested in taking the class, please contact Lois using this address: Lois will want to interview you to determine if this class as she teaches it is a good fit for you. If it is, you will be given payment instructions.

The price for the class online is $460.00. This class will probably be taught for the first time in 2019 in person – for the first time in about a decade, that is.