Basic EDINA Initiation

How to get a Basic EDINA Initiation:

To get a Basic EDINA Initiation, you can read the Founder’s book, “EDINA: Energy Medicine from the Stars!” with a friend(s) and then initiate each other for free. This is a very generous offer. The Founder of EDINA, Lois J Wetzel, has spent hundreds of hours channeling and writing curriculum just for Basic EDINA, not to mention the far more complex, powerful and involved Advanced EDINA Modules. Yet for the price of the book, she gives precise instructions as to how to practice Basic EDINA, as well as how to initiate another person–again, this is a very generous offering to the world.

If you choose to have Lois Wetzel or one of her Instructors initiate you, then there will be a charge for the Basic EDINA Class, which will be sent to you online for self-study. Why? Because this is one way you can support the work, but even more so because doing an Initiation takes energy. As these powerful energies from The Ankenash run through the Initiator’s body, it also requires from the Initiator what is called “Psycho-Spiritual Energy.” One of the laws of the Cosmos is that there must be an exchange of energy for energy. Money is a form of concretized energy. There is a limit to how many of these initiations Lois herself will be able to do, and the day will come when she no longer does them at all. And by the way, the most famous trance channel in the world, Edgar Cayce, died before his time because he would not listen to the Being he was channeling when he was told to slow down, that he was doing too much trance work. There is a limit to what the human form can do.

If you are initiating others after you have been initiated, please remember to create an energy exchange. It could be anything from having your Initiate mow your lawn or do car repairs, or childcare or some other thing of value to you. However, you may not charge money to initiate others. Only Certified EDINA Instructors may charge money for the initiation. Once you have signed up for this class you then have the Basic EDINA Manual which you can reproduce and give to your own Initiates, as long as you do not charge Initiates for the manual above the costs associated with printing it.

If you wish to charge money for doing EDINA Initiations, please contact the Founder to become a Certified Basic EDINA Instructor.

Remember, if you do not follow the protocols set in place by The Ankenash, they will simply stop working with you.

To be initiated by the Founder of EDINA, Lois Wetzel, please click on the button below to donate the price of the remote class. This class will be sent to you via email for self-study.  After you have studied the manual, the audio portion of the class recorded by Lois Wetzel, the illustrations and YouTube which Lois has made of drawing down the light, opening the portal, and opening the vortex, email her and you will be initiated remotely. She uses a shamanic remote viewing technique to do this.

The price to be initiated and receive the Basic EDINA Class is $150.00. (Please read the EDINA Integrity Agreement below. By being initiated you agree to abide by the Integrity Agreement.)



EDINA Initiates have a special honor and responsibility. You have been called to this work or you would not have shown up or contacted us. Congratulations on your profound wisdom in responding to this very powerful spiritual calling!

To honor this call, it is important to respect the parameters of the method. The EDINA energies will not work with you in any other way. This is how it is now, it may change later, and Lois J. Wetzel, Founder of EDINA, will be told by the Ankenash if it does. At this time, she is the only one receiving communication from the Ankenash about EDINA Lois will also be told if that changes. By making payment, you agree that you will abide by the following:

  1.  I will not teach any part of this method (directly or indirectly) to anyone else for payment unless I am authorized by Lois J. Wetzel or her successors or assigns. I will not teach any Advanced EDINA techniques to anyone at all, unless I am certified to do so by Lois J. Wetzel or her successors or assigns.
  2.  I will use this method only as instructed. I will not change it in any way.
  3.  I will only connect to the EDINA energies in the way I have been instructed.
  4. I will never do EDINA while drinking/under the influence of alcohol or using recreational drugs, nor work on anyone who is under the influence of said chemicals.
  5.  I further acknowledge that EDINA has been created to help us heal, and to prepare and assist us in our Ascension. The Ankenash are NOT our personal spirit guides or guardian angels, and I will not EVER attempt to contact them in that way.

This constitutes the entire agreement.

Please print this page out so you have a copy of the agreement to which you can refer later.

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