Chakra Balancing – Free Class

Basic Chakra Healing Exercise

This is a tutorial for beginners. First we will discuss how to work on self, and then how to work on others.

Chakras are wheels of energy on the body. The ones most people know about are the seven basic chakras.  If you want to work on your energy body alone, in addition to opening the EDINA portal, which is taught in the book, “EDINA: Energy Medicine from the Stars!” you can do the exercise described below. If you want to do the exercise/healing below without knowing how to open the portal, you can do that as well.  The advantage to learning how to open the EDINA portal is that then you also have The Ankenash in the room with you working on you in the expanded realms–densities 4 through 12.


To work on your chakras all by yourself with stones, just lie down on a blanket on the floor, or on a massage table, but not in your bed, and place a red or black stone about 3 inches above the knees  and in between your legs on the blanket. The orange one goes on your midline of your body about 2 inches below the navel, yellow on midline in middle of the upper abdomen,  Green or pink goes on the sternum about 4-5 inches from the dip in the base of the throat – blue in the dip, purple in between your eyebrows or an inch above that (remember everything is on the midline of your body) The crystal or white/clear stone goes at the top of your head with the point directed at your head. Lie there for about 20-30 minutes and let the stones work on you. When finished with the stones, remove one at a time in reverse order, starting with the crown chakra. Place them on rock salt (ice cream salt) for at least an hour or overnight to clear them of pathogenic energies. Rock salt can be re-used for years, or until it starts turning grey. Recharge the stones periodically by placing them in the sunlight, like on a window sill or in the garden.

Most chakras have one color associated with them, but two of the chakras have two colors associated with them. Heart chakra has pink and green; crown chakra has purple/violet or white. You may use stones of either color, or both, on those chakras. For the others, root chakra is red, but it can take a red or black stone, second chakra takes an orange stone, third a yellow one, fourth pink and/or green, fifth (throat) blue, sixth takes purple/violet, and crown indigo and/or or white/clear. Note: chakras are numbered starting at the bottom going up. The root chakra is number one.

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If you wish to work on another person with this technique, you may. However, please read about how to work on yourself first.



Before placing the stones on the client’s chakras, check with a pendulum to learn how each chakra is spinning. Hold the pendulum over the chakra and ask it to show you how that chakra is spinning. Watch to see what it does. Some chakras will be more widely open and therefore make a larger circle when the pendulum is held over them. The average chakra will have a diameter as wide as the palm of the person’s hand. If it is far larger, it is too open and can be leaking energy. If it is quite small, or the pendulum does not move at all, it is not functioning properly. It is not necessary to correct that with the pendulum, the stone will heal the chakras. The pendulum provides a before and after check for the changes made by the stones. (To check this on one’s self is difficult if not impossible.)

Note that in some people certain chakras will spin clockwise or counter clockwise (anti-clockwise). It is best to allow the chakras to do whatever they do. “Correcting” that can be a mistake. Sometimes a chakra needs to release something, so it will spin in  a direction it normally does not spin, just for that purpose. Also there is some disagreement as to what direction chakras are “supposed” to spin from one cluture to the next. If corrections need to be made the stones placed on the chakras will consult with the body and make the changes needed. Stones have consciousness, therefore, so do the pendulums! Treat these tools as sacred. Store them in a sacred place. Clear them of any energies they pick up while healing a person by placing them on rock salt for at least an hour afterward. Rock salt is sometimes referred to as ice cream salt.

All energy medicine is best done in a quiet space with no talking, no radios, TVs, pets or small children in the room or noise coming from the adjoining rooms. The client will benefit most from silently lying still with closed eyes. Talking and looking around keep him in an alert state and not as receptive to the energies.

After the stones are placed on the correct chakras, leave them there for 15-30 minutes, or until your intuition tells you that the work is finished. If the client falls asleep that is good. They are probably in an altered state of consciousness that is not actually sleep. This is a normal part of energy medicine healing and being deeply relaxed.

Once you are finished with the session, and you can check with the pendulum to learn if it is indeed complete, and you have removed the stones to the rock salt, allow the client ample resting time to come back to a normal waking consciousness. No one need pop up off the table in a rush. Also, a certain amount of dizziness is normal. Sometimes it happens and others not.

Before the client gets up from the treatment table or blanket, check the spin of the chakras again. There will usually be a noticeable difference in the size or  the spin of the chakras after treatment with the stones.

 Here is an informal video by Lois Wetzel:   HOW TO USE A PENDULUM

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