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Class Descriptions:

Basic EDINA is pre-requisite to all Advanced EDINA Modules

Advanced EDINA Classes are numbered modules.

All classes are currently available for self-study. The materials will be sent to you via email once you sign up.

(See Payments page to sign up for these classes.)



Basic EDINA is the first in a series of classes. In this first class you learn how to connect to the Ankenash in the healing setting they can come in and work with you and your client, or you alone when working on yourself. You will learn some meditations to strengthen your healing ability, your intuitive ability, and to increase the light coming to you from Creator/Source. The class covers how to being in specific colors of light to tonify and heal different body parts and systems, and which colors of light go where.

This basic information includes techniques from medical chi gong. After the class you will be able to channel EDINA energy through your hands like Reiki. When you connect to the Ankenash, you 12 strand DNA is automatically being activated as well as that of the client. You can use EDINA to work on yourself and/or clients, family, pets.

See the Instructors page for locations of Instructors for in-person study. The class is also available at a distance for self-study. After you have finished studying the materials which include a manual, audio sessions, YouTube video and images you can print out to use in your sessions, you will notify us and then be initiated remotely.

Taking Advanced EDINA Modules at a distance:

The process is quite simple, and is the same as for Basic EDINA. You will be emailed the written portion as well as the audio and YouTube portions of the class. A free one-hour phone or SKYPE session to discuss the materials and ask questions with Lois is available and highly recommended, though not required.



All students are reporting that these advanced classes far exceed their expectations. In Module One you will learn advanced methods of working with the EDINA energies, including an understanding of the development of the energetic anatomy of the human anatomy starting with the zygote. You will the use of many more light colors, whee to place them in the body, information about sounds used to break up certain dense pathogenic energies in the body, healing teeth and bones, healing the brain and nervous system, flushing the pranic tube, uses of light and sound frequencies, and how they relate to sacred geometry. There will also be some different meditation exercises for building your energy field and potential, and for stabilizing you emotionally as we are going through all these frequency shifts occurring on the planet and in our solar system.

Price for Advanced EDINA Module One – $444.00

Once this class has been completed, the student is eligible to be listed on the website as a Certified EDINA Practitioner after:

Taking a written exam over the material covered in the class

Completing at least thirty sessions on clients which may include your clients, family and/or friends. Up to half may be on yourself.

To remit payment for any of the advanced EDINA online classes go to the Payments page.



In this class you will learn even more techniques for drawing down the light, specific colors for specific areas not covered in Basic EDINA or Module One. Also covered are how to use EDINA to alter the RNA/DNA to heal genetic disorders, drawing various colors into the chakras, further uses for the I-Ching symbols, clearing emotional mis-connections in the brain, releasing emotional toxins, how to draw down light to heal the hara line, or pranic tube if either become damaged. Removal of implants from past lives, Peruvian lightbody technique, removal of miasms (such as a familial tendency to poverty, obesity, vulnerability to deception, and so on), how to use rattles, feathers in healing…and so much more are included in this class.

Basic EDINA and Module One are prerequisites

Price for this class is $445.00

Additional advanced modules will be added in the future.


Pre-requisite class is Basic EDINA

The Founder of EDINA, Lois J Wetzel, MFA,  has been doing past life readings for clients since 1990. She has written two books on this subject, Akashic Records: Case Studies of Past Lives, and Reincarntion: Past Lives and the Akashic Record. Lois was given the method she uses by Archangel Gabriel.

Past Life Readings are a healing modality. This type of reading most definitely heals the psyche and the body/mind. For this reason, it is taught under the umbrella of EDINA, with The Ankenash in full attendance. Lois has never done a reading without having the Ankenash present, and thus it is part of the way she does the readings. As Lois says, “Basic EDINA is a pre-requisite, since contacting The Ankenash is part of how I do these readings. They were there with me long before I was ever aware they were, even though some of them had already shown up in my art work…way back in the ’60s.”

The price of the class is $600.00.



Pre-requisite class is Basic EDINA

Anyone who has taken Advanced EDINA Module One may apply to study this class with the Founder, Lois J Wetzel. The class is taught via SKYPE or phone. Written materials will be sent to the student. After these have been studied, it will be followed by a one-on-one hour of instruction with Lois.

This class involves clearing spaces and/or persons of dis-incarnate persons, dark energies of various intensities, plus the closing of portals where necessary. This is serious work and not advised for anyone who is frightened by the idea of doing it. Candidates will be screened most carefully.

If seriously interested in taking this class, contact lois (at) hotpinklotus (dot) com.


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