There are two Forum opportunities:
1. There is an Open Google Group called EDINA Open Group. Just go to and type “EDINA Open Group” in the search engine there. Remember EDINA is in all caps. The Google Group is where all questions about the practice of EDINA are answered, since the Founder cannot monitor more than one site for this purpose. You will find if you read the archives that many questions you might have are already answered there. Those archives are an education in themselves.
2. You may also join the Facebook group, EDINA Energy Medicine. It is open to anyone interested in EDINA, whether initiated or not. This group is mainly for socialization purposes. All questions are still answered on the Google Group for the benefit of everyone, no matter who initiated them. The Facebook group is public. There is another group for Advanced Practitioners, and it is closed group available to those who have taken at least one Advanced EDINA class. You must apply to get into that group. Just ask to join on the Facebook group called Advanced EDINA after you have taken an advanced class.

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