Free Classes

Lois Wetzel has always loved sharing free classes and educational articles. This page serves as a focal point for the free classes offered on this website.


Crystal Meditation – Lois has recorded a guided visual meditation to help you communicate with crystals to form a healing partnership. CLICK HERE to listen.

Chakra Balancing for Self and Others – This is a class created especially for you by Lois Wetzel. This is a great technique for beginners as well as seasoned healers. CLICK HERE to learn this method of healing.

How to Use a Pendulum – This class will teach you how to get yes/no answers from a pendulum, how to charge a pendulum and clear it of negative energies it might pick up. Lots of good information for such a short and clearly spontaneous YouTube video. Created by and featuring Lois Wetzel.  CLICK HERE to be amazed!

How to Connect with your Spirit Guides – This is a radio show on YouTube which Lois recorded explaining how to contact your spirit guides. She gives many different techniques so that if one does not appeal to you one of the other ones may. This is a really great class in audio format. CLICK HERE to listen to this radio show.

Medicines of Light – We have shared this information which was channeled by Tom Kenyon who works closely with The Hathors, Fifth Density Masters of Sound currently living on Venus. In EDINA Energy Medicine we work with them as well, as they assist us with the vocal toning taught in Advanced EDINA Module One. Lois has had more than one past life as a Hathor, by the way.  CLICK HERE to learn how to create medicines of light!!

Monatomic Elements – What are they; how do you use them? Why do The Ankenash recommend them?  CLICK HERE to read the article.

Past Lives Meditation – This is another one of Lois’ radio shows which has been moved onto YouTube. In this one Lois talks about the nature of Consciousness and then takes you on a guided journey to see if you can access one of your past lives. This one is pretty cool. CLICK HERE to hear this one.

What is the Lightbody?CLICK HERE to read an article describing what the Lightbody is.



Here are just a few of the many radio shows in which Lois was the person being interviewed. She also had a BlogTalk radio show for five years in which she was host. The Lois J Wetzel Show on Blogtalk Radio.

Bob Charles Radio Show interviews Lois Wetzel about ancient history, past lives, EDINA, and much more. CLICK HERE to listen.

Bob Charles Radio Show  Bob interviews Lois about how our DNA is changing, more details about The Ankenash, the didfference between past life readings and regressions, and more.   CLICK HERE to listen.

Global Explorers Radio Show in which Lois is interviewed about the past lives readings she has done.  It was aired on the EPIC VOYAGERS radio channel. CLICK HERE


More free classes/information will be added over time.