The use of monatomic elements, particularly gold and black, is suggested in the EDINA materials for the support of the Lightbody and to ease the ascension process. (The Ankenash recommend using monatomics, which is why they are mentioned in the EDINA materials.) One of the most interesting claims about monatomics is that they are lighter than air. Yet they do not float. They can be found   There are only seven monatomic elements. Another name for them is ormus.

“Not a lot is known yet about monatomic elements from the scientific viewpoint. I personally find them helpful from time to time – especially in the beginning stages of doing EDINA. The Ankenash recommend them, so therefore I do as well.”  ~ Lois Wetzel, Founder of EDINA Energy Medicine

Monatomic elements are at this time considered to be chemically inert, meaning they cannot interact with the body in the way chemicals are known to do. However, those who use the monatomic gold report anything from greater clarity of thinking to deeper meditations, to help with “:symptoms” of ADD and ADHD. Mostly what people report are greater calmness and clarity, increased energy and greater spiritual abilities from taking them. The monatomic black clears negativity from the body/aura. There are quite a few more monatomic elements besides black and gold. The Ankenash recommend gold and black as the basics. Much more information is to be found on the websites where the products are sold. Please use your discrimination and inner guidance when reading and when buying. The final decision and responsibility for your choices is always yours.

Here is an interesting article on monatomic elements, or ormus.  MONATOMICS

A google search will find many more websites which discuss this.

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