What Can EDINA Heal?

What reports do we have from those experiencing EDINA sessions? Experiences include relief from narcolepsy, broken bones healing that had refused to mend previously, the healing of emotional disorders, of insomnia, panic disorders, allergies, back pain, headaches, anxiety or depression, scoliosis, arthritis, snoring, digestive problems, post-traumatic stress disorder due to various forms of severe trauma, terminal blood diseases and joint pain–just to name a few. It has been shown to ease the dying process in the elderly. This modality can be practiced at a distance with equal success as in person.

Other miracles using EDINA include leukemia and other terminal diseases going “into remission” suddenly, remarkable improvements after strokes, hearing being restored, changes in the client clearly being seen on the hospital monitors while EDINA is being done, skin disorders, a lifetime of anger, pain and sorrow after WWII combat experiences finally being resolved and healed, and many more.

Migraine Headaches:

“I work as a surgical nurse in a hospital, but I also have private clients for energy medicine sessions. Mostly they come from friends’ referrals; everyone who comes to me is by word of mouth. I had a private energy medicine client who had been having migraine headaches for over twenty years. I did a series of six sessions on her using EDINA energy medicine. Her headaches gradually went away. This was over a year ago, and she has not had even one migraine since.

My background is that I have taken Basic EDINA as well as Module One.”

April – Registered Nurse

Anxiety and Panic Attacks

“I had an older gentleman come to me for massage who has been having anxiety or panic attacks since puberty. In spite of extensive psychotherapy and medications, he still had a huge issue with this. He went out of his way while driving, for example, to avoid left-hand turns, since they set off his panic attacks. The attacks were so severe, that he often thought he would die of a heart attack during one of them. I decided to offer EDINA treatments to him. I figured, what could it hurt?

After three sessions with EDINA energy medicine his panic attacks and free-floating anxiety have completely gone. He took himself off his medications, too. This has been consistent for about six months now, and he was having them weekly prior to coming to see me. I am deeply impressed, and so is he.”

Alana, Licensed Massage Therapist

Atrial Fibrillation Gone

One of my regular chiropractic clients developed an issue with an irregular heart beat, which is also called “atrial fibrillation”. Her medical doctors were concerned about the possibility of blood clots and stroke as a result of this condition. I asked her permission to use EDINA on her, and after a few treatments of EDINA alongside chiropractic, her heart beat is back to normal. Now, I cannot prove scientifically that EDINA did this, but I feel sure it did. So does my client.”

George – chiropractor

Chronic Pain Improvement

My cousin Larry was in pain for years following a car wreck that left him in the hospital for several months. He had tried just about everything to relieve this pain, but nothing seemed to work much. He was on pain pills too much, and wanted to stop using them. I did Reiki on him with an EDINA overlay for a few weeks off and on, and his pain has gradually almost gone away. Larry says it is about 80% better than before I worked on him.

I feel so proud of myself for being brave enough to offer to try this for him. I was really scared everyone in my family would be really down on me for doing this airy-fairy weird stuff, but they are all, “Do it on me! Do it on me!”

Beverly – Insurance Adjustor

EDINA Module Two Session -Miasm of Poverty:

“I am a part-time healer. I own my own businesses, but need a lot of variety to keep from getting bored. I really like working on people because it makes me feel like I am doing something meaningful in the world besides just making money.

I want to report something amazing that has happened with one of my clients. Using a technique from EDINA Module Two, the miasm removal, I removed from my client a “miasm of poverty”. A miasm is something carried in the familial DNA. Subsequent to her session which occurred about one year ago, my client has experienced a gradual, significant and noticeable increase in income that has not stopped, though she has done else nothing differently. Her sister and son have also experienced noticeable increases in their income. Remember, the miasm is familial. It affects entire families. If done on one member, it will affect the entire family in a positive way. Not all members will have inherited that piece of DNA, but it might just be dormant in that person’s genes, waiting to manifest in their children or grandchildren. This technique removes it from the gene pool of the family, by just working on the one member of the family.

Miasms can be of obesity, poverty, mental illness, alcoholism, paranoia, child abuse, and so on. It can be anything that several or all of the members of a family experience.

Module Two is my favorite of all the EDINA teachings. It is absolutely amazing.”

Bernard – Entrepreneur

Allergies Gone!

My older sister, Jenna, has been allergic to everything under the sun for ever since I can remember. During my sessions for her, which were about six months of EDINA treatments, her allergies have gone away to the point that she never takes medication for them any more. She was thinking about getting allergy shots, but I told her to let me try EDINA on her, and they gradually began to improve, so that she decided to put it off, getting the shots I mean. Now she is glad she did. She went and took Basic EDINA online and is using it on herself and her husband and kids now, too. She thinks it is helping them all with spiritual growth, too. That makes me really happy!

I have had Basic EDINA only. I am not a professional healer at all.”

Heather – Photographer

Peace, Joy and Harmony

“I have taken all the levels of EDINA classes. I am single, and my kids are grown. I do not do EDINA on anyone but myself, but I consider it an important part of my daily spiritual practice. I open the EDINA portal daily and allow The Ankenash to work on me while I either lie in bed, or sit up meditating. I have been doing this for five years now, and I consider EDINA to be the reason that most of the time I exist in peace, harmony and joy. I have seen enormous changes in my personality and the way I relate to people. I used to be an enormous Drama Queen that everyone avoided, and now I feel like a sane person who has a lot of friends, and somebody my family enjoys having around for the first time in my life. Years of psychotherapy had almost no effect on me. But EDINA has completely changed me.”

Tammy Jo – Realtor

These are only a fraction of the miraculous experiences which even Basic E.D.I.N.A. practitioners have seen. Please join us in this miracle!

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